About Me!

Why hello friends!

My name is Abbie! I do this here gig full time. By this here gig I mean I sell my artwork in the form of wrapping paper, pins, prints, notepads, and cards.

I’d describe my shtuff as encouraging, real, fun, and playful. Because that’s how I do life. I used to be a bit of workaholic when I first started my business but have now found a nice balance of having a life and going to therapy and getting my nails done. And also I take evenings off now for the most part! Because having a life is fun even when you own a fun business.

Here’s a list of things I don’t like, in no particular order:

 Whipped Cream

Here’s a list of things I do like:

Happy hour: You can catch me on many a week night meeting up for drinks and half off apps with my friends
Board games: I will destroy you at Settlers of Catan
All the food!!
All the wine!!
Podcasts: Current (and probably permanent) faves are My Favorite Murder, My Brother My Brother and Me, and Two Girls One Ghost. I’m not really sure what I believe about paranormal stuff but I definitely love to hear allll the spooky stories.
Plants: I love plants so much and for the most part can sort of keep of them alive?
Travel: I’ve been many many places and will go to many many more. My favorite place I’ve been so far is Italy.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for supporting me as an artist through your purchase.
Thanks for keeping my life so lovely.
I’m eternally grateful.

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